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Health Made Simple. 

Premium habit-based coaching to help you get a plan to eat, play and sleep better as you age!

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The Play Book

 This fun, motivational, back-to-basics guide will inspire you to discover what type of play makes you happy while investing in your health and longevity!

Janet Omstead

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As your coach, let’s put you in the driver’s seat to figure out what habits you want to improve and how to make it happen, realistically, step-by-step!

Janet Omstead


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Some kind words from my clients

Janet Omstead - Executive Health Coach

From the moment I first met you I have loved your energy, your infectious attitude, your positiveness, your no-nonsense approach, and your love of life. You have made me run, jump, laugh, stretch (both physically and mentally) and I feel younger being with you.


Keeping active is very important to me and working with you is always FUN! Fun filled with laughter and positive encouragement makes me want to play and play more!


The time and effort you invested in me were obvious. The variety and fun factor were like therapy for me.


I love how I never feel intimidated by how much more other people can do and that is totally because of your approach.


Whether I am roaming around in the house or outside doing some activity, I always incorporate some exercise that Janet has given to me.


I am motivated now because I genuinely feel it in my body, attitude, energy levels, and sleep patterns.


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2810, 2022

Investing in our health is as crucial as investing in our retirement. 

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We are told again and again the importance of saving for retirement. No one can argue that logic – people live longer and require more financial savings to support their desired standard of living. However, we need to apply the same logic to our health.

1807, 2022

As featured in Precision Nutrition’s article “How to exercise when you don’t like to exercise”

By |

In her book, The Play Book: How to Get In the Habit of Good Health, coach and play expert Janet Omstead, PN2-MHC, suggests: “If 22 minutes all at once feels like too much, just break up that 22 minutes into smaller chunks.”

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