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Do you have difficulty keeping in shape, eating well and managing stress consistently?

Are you a professional that wants to improve your lifestyle habits and strategies for midlife?

Do you ever dream of having your own personal health concierge who actually cares about your transformation as much as you do?

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Some kind words from my clients

Janet Omstead Play Expert

From the moment I first met you I have loved your energy, your infectious attitude, your positiveness, your no-nonsense approach, and your love of life. You have made me run, jump, laugh, stretch (both physically and mentally) and I feel younger being with you.


Keeping active is very important to me and working with you is always FUN! Fun filled with laughter and positive encouragement makes me want to play and play more!


The time and effort you invested in me were obvious. The variety and fun factor were like therapy for me.


I love how I never feel intimidated by how much more other people can do and that is totally because of your approach.


Whether I am roaming around in the house or outside doing some activity, I always incorporate some exercise that Janet has given to me.


I am motivated now because I genuinely feel it in my body, attitude, energy levels, and sleep patterns.


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2602, 2021

Trends vs. Habits

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To become healthier as individuals and as a society, we need to be the type of people who try different things, listen to our bodies, and find positive lifestyle changes that we can stick with for the long haul. But, you don't have to change everything in your life for the sake of a trend. How can you find sustainable habits that last?

1202, 2021

What is one piece of the health puzzle that is often overlooked?

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In this day in age, most individuals can sit for many hours at a time, day after day, between working on a computer to eating a meal, watching tv, playing video games, etc. Approximately 70% of the waking day may be in a sitting position.*  This affects not only your posture but, more importantly, your health. There IS a way to fix it, and it starts with some simple strategies you can start with today!

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