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Do you have difficulty keeping in shape, eating well and managing stress consistently?

Are you a professional that wants to improve your lifestyle habits and strategies for midlife?

Do you ever dream of having your own personal health concierge who actually cares about your transformation as much as you do?

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Janet Omstead

The Play for Life System Coaching Program

Want To Make A Lasting Change To Your Health?  

The Play for Life System is a premium habit-based coaching program for women who want to finally take control of their health without diets, medication or going to the gym!

Janet Omstead

The Play Book

If you are looking to get more active as you age, The Play Book is for you!

Janet Omstead

The Free 7 Days of Healthy Habits Course

Join the free online course to learn how to build fun, sustainable, yet simple habits in just one week, no matter how busy or stressed you are.


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LEARN MORE Learn How To Build Healthy Habits In Seven Days Join the free online course to help you learn how to build simple yet sustainable habits in just one week (no matter how busy or stressed you are). FREE 7-DAY COURSE

Some kind words from my clients

Janet Omstead Play Expert

From the moment I first met you I have loved your energy, your infectious attitude, your positiveness, your no-nonsense approach, and your love of life. You have made me run, jump, laugh, stretch (both physically and mentally) and I feel younger being with you.


Keeping active is very important to me and working with you is always FUN! Fun filled with laughter and positive encouragement makes me want to play and play more!


The time and effort you invested in me were obvious. The variety and fun factor were like therapy for me.


I love how I never feel intimidated by how much more other people can do and that is totally because of your approach.


Whether I am roaming around in the house or outside doing some activity, I always incorporate some exercise that Janet has given to me.


I am motivated now because I genuinely feel it in my body, attitude, energy levels, and sleep patterns.


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