13 things to give thanks for

13 things to give thanks for

By Published On: October 9th, 2020

I feel so grateful to have a job as a health coach. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than helping people live their best lives.  

However, I didn’t realize how vital practicing gratitude was until a few tragic events happened in my life that made me see every day as a gift.

One, in particular, happened at Thanksgiving.  

On October 6th, 2007, our family survived a horrific car accident that could have ended all of our lives. 

The four of us were lucky to walk away, physically unharmed. But two women in another car were not as fortunate.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of those women who lost their lives. I also think of the victims from the seven other cars and the families inside. 

Every year on the anniversary of that date, I take a moment to reflect on how grateful I am that my husband, daughter, son, and I are all still here.  

There is a lot of scientific evidence about how practicing the habit of gratitude can change your brain.  

“In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.”*

I’ve learned that instead of only feeling sadness for the day of our car accident to also count my blessings and remember the beauty of life. 

This week, I shared a heartfelt list on my social media to honour the 13 years that my family has had since that tragic day. 

I’m sure everyone reading this has had a time in there life that has forced them to reflect on what they do have instead of what they don’t have. 

Here are, in no particular order, 13 Things I wish for you ALWAYS to Remember:

1. Don’t be afraid of dying, be fearful of not truly living

2. There are no guarantees in life, so stop living like there are

3. It’s a miracle we are here on this planet together; start treating it like the gift it is

4. The little things are the most significant – kindness, an “I love you,” a hug, a warm hand to hold, kisses, dogs, nature, a great cup of coffee and an excellent glass of wine

5. You can’t take stuff with you when you die; make memories instead

6. Life MUST be lived as play (thanks to Plato)

7. You don’t HAVE TO, you GET TO …sing, be grateful, move your body, get a physical, meditate, age, wear a mask, hydrate, vote, forgive, write a letter, be kind…and let’s not forget play

8. Sunrises and sunsets are the ONLY sure thing every day – everything else is a crapshoot

9. Change is yours to make

10. Do what makes YOU happy

11. Every day you can play big or small – it doesn’t matter how you play – win or lose – it’s up to you to show up, do your best and never take it for granted

12. Life’s what you make it – celebrate it!

13. Family is everything

Knowing how life can change instantly, I choose to dedicate my life to helping more people find their way to appreciate life and the most precious gift of all – health

I don’t want anyone to waste one more minute. You can take action to improve your health now, with simple, sustainable habits to set you up for a healthier future. 

That accident was a catalyst for me to write a book –The Play Book: How To Get In The Habit Of Good Health and create The Play for Life System coaching program.  

Listen, sometimes taking care of your health can feel like a chore, but remember that you don’t HAVE to take care of your health, you GET to take care of your health. 

And that is something to be grateful for. 



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