7 Days of Healthy Habits

7 Days of Healthy Habits

By Published On: April 10th, 2020

Whenever I get the chance, I love to speak to groups about the power of play (exercise) and how it is like a magic pill to improve your health.

This week I had the pleasure to speak on Instagram Live about connection and play with my good friend Peter Bombaci founder of The Genwell Project. His organization is working hard, making the world a happier and healthier place by reminding people about the importance of social connection and inspiring them to take action.

We agreed that there are seldom times in life, quite like this, where globally, we have all become acutely aware of how much human connection AND our health matter so much. It’s like the universe pushed a giant “pause” button.

Time, or lack of time, is a huge limiting factor for almost every client I coach.

We all have stressed over a lack of time to work on ourselves AND spend time with friends and family.

What are you making time for?

Are you perhaps connecting more “virtually” with friends and family than ever like I am? It will never replace in-person meetings, of course, but it will do for now! Peter and I agreed that technology is truly a blessing for many people around the globe.

We also agreed that now is an incredible opportunity to focus on your health. Why not work on some new healthy habits – like play, for example? The World Health Organization recommends a minimum of 150 minutes a week, which is just about two and a half hours or just over 20 minutes a day.

ALL movement matters and the kind of play you do is entirely up to you.

Remember the freedom and fun you felt like a six or seven-year-old? Did you think of these activities as exercise? No, of course not, it was just fun and made you feel good! I encourage you to think outside the walls of a gym and look at the world as your playground.

Simply replacing twenty minutes of television with a quick walk every day might end up being one of the smartest decisions you could make this year!

You could even connect virtually for a play date! Dance party, anyone? Here is a list of 15 EASY ways to play when you #stayhome

Need some extra motivation or ideas of other habits you could practice?

I put together a FREE Seven Day Healthy Habits course to help solve this issue for you. Every day you can get a new habit emailed to you to try so that by the end of the week, you can find the one that works best for you and continue to practice it now and when life gets back to “normal.”

These are challenging times, but you CAN be a better version of your self when this pandemic is over by practicing habits that you don’t usually take the time to do. Find what that is for you.

Keep well and be safe.

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To re-ignite people’s passion for play (movement) to fight chronic disease while improving their quality of life as they age.

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