All I want for Christmas is health

All I want for Christmas is health

By Published On: December 25th, 2020

We are all physically and mentally at war with a virus that has made life as we knew it more or less come to a halt.

COVID-19 has driven the issue of health and what it takes to keep healthy to the top of everyone’s agenda. 

Earlier this week, The Canadian Association of Fitness Professionals came out with their “Fitness Forecast” for 2021 and how the industry must evolve to make physical and mental health accessible, which includes:

(*how my work fits into the fitness forecast)

Although 2020 came with many trials and tribulations, it ended up being the perfect year for me to launch my online business. 

I’ve learned a lot about transitioning to virtual work and coaching ageing women in this new decade. 

I have noticed a troubling trend as a health coach, especially with women who come to work with me.

They all had significant stressors in common – juggling their careers, caring for growing kids, and ageing parents – but they didn’t have the time to take care of their health.

They turned to “quick-fixes” to “get healthy,” often ending up gaining more weight or being less active than before they started.  

Then by middle age, they all hit menopause.

Things are changing and feel different. I summed up some of these discoveries in a masterclass you can watch here called The Menopause Solution.  

It was Benjamin Franklin who summed it up best when he said: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” 

I built The Play for Life System to teach women how to put the right systems in place around the fundamental preventative habits in exercise, nutrition and sleep so that they can finally stop dieting and eat real, whole foods to keep their body fuelled for an active life while managing stress along the way. 

The program is delivered digitally through an online portal and furthered with live coaching and support each week to give women everything they need to succeed.

Women can join from anywhere in the world and go at their own pace. 

I’m so happy to have a great product that produces results beyond a number on a scale and already incorporates everything in the fitness forecast, including not needing a gym, plenty of outdoor time, and focuses on overall health.

By building sustainable healthy habits, women who have gone through the program have significantly improved their health in a pandemic, but they also learned to thrive. 

Having an online business has been a game-changer for me and has profoundly impacted my clients. It is incredible to see them all succeed despite the constraints in the world.

I am so excited about helping as many people as possible in 2021. The next cohort will start on February 22nd. It runs for 12 weeks.  You can get on the presale list HERE.

Ultimately, what drives me to keep going is knowing I can change how someone manages their health. 

My job as a coach is to bring out the best in people, make them find a way to succeed on their own and walk their road beside them.

Give yourself or your loved one the best gift this Christmas – the gift of health. 

Play on!

Coach Jan xo



If you or someone you know would like to get on the Presale List for the February 2021 Play for Life System Coaching program, CLICK HERE to add your name to the list.

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