Personalized Behaviour-Change Coaching

Getting in shape no longer means extreme workouts, diets and depriving yourself of the things that bring you joy.

With over 20 years in the health and wellness industry and as a PN Level 2 Master Health coach in behaviour change and habit formation, I help busy people improve their well-being for results that last a lifetime.


Janet is a life-changer. After benefiting from her coaching over the past year, I can attest to the impact of her approach and expertise in helping me improve my physical and mental health, even during this unprecedented time. She has been instrumental in guiding me to take much better care of myself, shape healthier habits and manage the stress of very long ZOOM days! She is brilliant at helping people take control of their mental and physical health in a meaningful, sustainable, and inspiring way. As I said, a life-changer!

Shannon MacDonald, Leading Public Affairs for Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health
As a mum of two young kids with a full-time career, I can honestly say that working with Janet over the last couple of months has been a game-changer. The impact she’s made on my habits has not only benefited me but my family too. I always thought that I was too time-starved to get to the things I knew I ought to do, but Janet showed me an easy path to get there. I highly recommend her if you’re looking to shift your behaviours and get results.
Bridget Westerholz, Marketing Director at Happy Planet Foods
Janet’s fitness and healthy lifestyle professional expertise are exceptional on multiple levels.

Her training advice is backed by research and collaborative science in the field, which she tailors to your needs and comfort zone.

She also brings positive energy to her approach to bringing PLAY into your life.

So her presence on your journey in improving your well-being is physiologically and emotionally valuable.

Whether you intend to work with her or bring her in as an expert for a group session or as a speaker at an event, you will discover working with Janet is a great joy.

Adam Growe, Event Host and Producer, TV Host, Comedian, Keynote

From the moment I first met you I have loved your energy, your infectious attitude, your positiveness, your no-nonsense approach, and your love of life. You have made me run, jump, laugh, stretch (both physically and mentally) and I feel younger being with you.

Janet Kincaid

Janet has been a positive, professional, inspirational force in my life for many years. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Her approach meets you where you are and works with you to create an achievable path toward your personal, mental, and physical health goals. There is no judgment, no fads, no “cookie-cutter” approach. She is a true expert, always learning and forever listening–always ahead of the curve. Experience her playful process yourself, have her educate and coach your team, or engage her as a speaker. You will be glad you did.

Bernadette Lonergan, President at LCI Group Inc

Janet challenges many ingrained habits and patterns with manageable tips and tools to achieve any goal with food, exercise and lifestyle. Her approach to the journey for better health and self-discovery makes changing old habits possible.  Truthfully it’s fun!

Stephen Brown, CEO, FUSE Create

Janet is one of the most inspirational people on earth. I have trained with her for years snd she helped me to build my confidence and focus on positivity. She exudes this every day and I highly recommend her for a mind and body positive journey suited to all levels and needs. Enjoy!!

Diane Kazarian, GTA Managing Partner | Global Financial Services Brand and People Leader

I knew working with Janet was something I needed to do to get more active and form healthy habits.  I know now I won’t go back to the way I was before.

Janice Beihn, Communications Coordinator at Primate's World Relief and Development Fund
I’ve known Janet for close to 35 years. She is bright, wise and professional and easy-going and fun. Janet has unique confidence that allows her to be her genuine self at all times! I have seen this in her many amazing friendships, business endeavours and, most recently, in her first book entitled; The Play Book!
Peter Neal, Neal Brothers Foods

I dropped almost 10 pounds of excess body weight and have kept it off.  Janet’s accountability and support take away the argument in my head about doing or not doing. It has made moving a priority…that has nothing to do with dieting, deprivation and insane workouts…all during a pandemic too!

Martha Henderson, Olympic Athlete, Process and Performance Consulting at Rising Tides Consulting

Janet truly has changed my lifestyle and habits, which ultimately will help prolong my physical and mental health. She has created a unique, organized, informative, realistic approach that can be adapted to your everyday life without it being too overwhelming. The most significant success for me is realizing there is no wrong, and every effort I make is a step in the right direction. Janet reminds us to have fun at whatever play or movement we do every day.

Christine Hawkrigg

If  you are looking for a perfect way to get in to a new routine, built from a realistic approach, this is THE coach for you!   Janet teaches and supports you through each habit. It was definitely an eye-opener and the kickstarter I needed for the importance of staying active, maintaining functional activities and having a healthy mindset to set me up well as I begin to age! And during the pandemic, she helped me to be creative to stay active while being confined to a small space without the ability to go outside! 

Honor McLachlin
Janet Omstead

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It’s not too late to learn that ALL movement matters as you age and yes, it can be fun!

Janet Omstead

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Janet Omstead



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Janet Omstead



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