Diets and meal plans

Diets and meal plans

Diets and meal plans

By Published On: August 4th, 2023

“Just tell me what to eat!” said a new client of mine this week.  

Ever say this? 

For some people, “done-for-you” meals, precise eating plans, and healthy recipes seem like an obvious solution to weight loss struggles.  

But look at what happened in a recent 12-week diet study conducted by Stanford University scientists.*

Participants were given all their meals and snacks for the first four weeks—no cooking, food prep, or wondering, ‘What should I eat?’ required. 

Then, for the next eight weeks, participants were on their own to plan, shop for, and cook meals that worked with the diet they were following. 

And the findings:

  • The participants preferred making their own meals over eating the meals given to them by a nutrition scientist. (In the second 8 weeks, all 42 participants declined to have their meals made for them.)
  • They said they wanted expert-created shopping lists, meal ideas, and recipes but didn’t use them.
  • Despite these resources, they made only minor adjustments to their regular diet. 

The takeaway: Diets and meal plans don’t usually solve people’s most pressing problems with eating better. 

What do most folks need help with? 

Building sustainable SKILLS that help them manage portion sizes, regulate their emotions (without food), and choose nutritious foods they genuinely enjoy (to name a few). 

In reality, most of us have a good idea of WHAT to eat. 

But consistently doing it? 

That’s the real challenge.  

Finding the proper diet and meal plans for YOU? 

No study can help you with that. 

But a behaviour-change coach? That’s exactly what I’m here for. 

Play on!

Your friend and coach,

Janet xo 


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*PMID: 33802709 – Landry MJ, Crimarco A, Perelman D, Durand LR, Petlura C, Aronica L, et al. Adherence to Ketogenic and Mediterranean Study Diets in a Crossover Trial: The Keto–Med Randomized Trial. Nutrients. 2021 Mar 17;13(3):967.

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