Exercise cuts risk of dying from Covid-19 by 2.5x

Exercise cuts your risk of dying from Covid-19 by 2.5x

Exercise cuts risk of dying from Covid-19 by 2.5x

By Published On: September 16th, 2021

A new study shows that exercise cuts your risk of dying from Covid-19 by 2.5x.

This study is something you need to know, and it’s not something that the news is actively covering or that you’ll hear about a lot. 

Published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine*, of 48,440 Covid patients in California, the study shows that the people who were consistently inactive during the two years before the pandemic were more likely to:

  1. be hospitalized;
  2. admitted to intensive care units; or
  3. die (compared to patients who regularly met Physical Activity Guidelines)**.

IN FACT: Aside from age, pregnancy, and having an organ transplant, being sedentary was linked to the HIGHEST chance of being hospitalized!

The researchers created three categories:

  • Exercising 150 minutes or more per week (the amount recommended in US Guidelines which matches the Guidelines for Canada);
  • Getting some activity (11-149 minutes per week, or working out but not being consistent); and
  • Being consistently inactive (0-10 minutes per week).

Here’s what they discovered:

INACTIVE people (not exercising at all):

  • Had 1.73 times HIGHER odds of ending up in the ICU; and
  • Had 2.49 times HIGHER risk of dying,

compared to those who met US Activity Guidelines.

Not only that, but people who got SOME EXERCISE (versus regular movement) but didn’t meet Guidelines consistently:

  • Had 1.58 times HIGHER odds ending up in the ICU; and
  • And had 1.88 times greater odds of death.

Question: So, according to this study, what’s one thing you can do to put yourself in the best possible position for COVID? 

Answer: As I wrote in my book, get in the Habit of Play, (exercise) just 150 minutes per week (you can do it in just 20 minutes, 7 days per week – or 30 minutes, five days per week or however the math works best for you!).

Get your friends and family on board, too, so we can ALL be healthier together. 

If you need help getting started, please reach out to me at info@janetomstead.com. I can help you map out a plan that works for you and where you’re at in your life. 

Doing what you can to be PROACTIVE is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your loved ones. 

I say, “work out” less… PLAY more!

Your friend and coach,

Jan xo 

P.S.  Whenever you’re ready, here are a few ways I can help:

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