Gathering and being active together

Gathering being active together

Gathering and being active together

By Published On: November 24th, 2023

There’s something powerful shifting in the world of well-being.

The latest 2023 report by The Global Wellness Summit shows that the #1 trend comes directly from the loneliness epidemic.

The solution? Gathering and being active together.  

“Social wellness clubs with different vibes and price-points will surge, where group bonding comes first and the (sometimes dizzying menus of) wellness experiences serve as social icebreakersfrom pioneer Remedy Place to social bathhouse Othership to Six Senses Place. With remote work, people need everyday places to be and belongand younger gens, who are ditching booze and bars, seek healthier social spaces.” You can read more about it here.

Wellness + Gathering. 

The great news?

You can be at the forefront of this trend.  

How? Stand up against loneliness by knowing about and joining RED January Canada. 

What is RED

RED (Rise Every Day) January is a national campaign for all abilities coming to Canada from the U.K. 

It is the first-of-its-kind month-long winter initiative to boost your physical, mental and social well-being.

RED aims to break down barriers to inactivity and loneliness.  

It encourages you to move your way every day and find a friend, neighbour or coworker to do it with you.

The goal is to inspire REAL habit change, not just New Year’s resolutions!

It’s simple, free to join and fun. 

The winter months can present barriers for those striving to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Why? The lack of sunlight, declining motivation levels, and safety concerns make exercising more difficult for many Canadians. 

The research backs this up, with 50% of Canadians feeling lonely regularly and 64% being inactive in winter months. 

RED and sustainable behaviour change is all about providing an excuse and reminder to take action.  

We’ve partnered with The GenWell Project as the national charity of the campaign because they are at the forefront of the loneliness epidemic by educating, empowering and catalyzing Canadians around the benefits of human connection for their health, happiness, longevity and more.

RED Canada’s website will be live on Monday, the 27th of November, and we are working behind the scenes to bring you an amazingly connected experience.

Together, we can create real change. ✨

Play on together!

Your coach and friend,

Janet xox 

P.S. Imagine being at the forefront of a health movement that will drive real, enduring change in Canadians’ social, mental and physical well-being. If you or your organization want to advance the trend by becoming a champion/sponsor of RED January Canada, please email me ASAP at info@janetomstead.com. It’s still possible to jump on board!

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To re-ignite people’s passion for play (movement) to fight chronic disease while improving their quality of life as they age.

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