Get silly with it

Get silly with it

Get silly with it

By Published On: March 29th, 2024

Have you ever considered “why” you exercise?  

When I began personal training and coaching over 20 years ago, one of the problems I saw when I met with clients was that people knew they “should” exercise, but not many were having fun.

That’s why I focused on play as a habit for good health to solve the inactivity crisis: 1.4 billion people don’t exercise enough to stay healthy.

Recent research published and a new campaign by ASICS EMEA reveals that “adults have lost touch with moving simply for how it feels and have become obsessed with exercising to change how they look.”

It goes on to reveal that “63% of adults admit the key reason they exercise is for physical gain in comparison to 77% of children who say the key reason they exercise is for fun. And while 92% of kids say they enjoy exercise, 77% of adults say they don’t look forward to it and view it as a chore.”

In response, ASICS has formed the world’s youngest exercise influencer team, the ASICS’ Little Reminders’, to remind adults to exercise for how it makes them feel, not how it makes them look. 

The team has created the first exercise guide made by children for adults to remind adults to move for enjoyment and not just performance.  

They say adults need to “get silly with it!”​​

It’s adorable – you can watch the YOUTUBE video here.

If you have been following me for some time, it aligns with my mission to inspire the world’s passion for play to fight chronic disease while improving quality of life as we age. 

Knowing why you exercise and what you want the outcome to be opens up a world of possibilities. (Here’s a free PDF you can download to figure out your WHY.)

Take Easter, for example.  

It’s the perfect time to hop like a bunny, draw and play on a sidewalk chalk obstacle course, or even make a fun scavenger hunt that includes bending, reaching, and squatting for treasures. 

Exercise is play, after all. 

And we are all still kids at heart.

So, if you need my help discovering your why, I’m here for you.  

Play on!

Coach Jan xox 

​​PS: Whenever you are ready, here are 3 more ways I can help you PLAY for life:

  1. We are planning big things for our RED January 2025 Canadian campaign. You can be the leader who becomes part of the solution to help your team implement movement breaks for employees and improve their social, mental, and physical well-being while increasing retention, inclusion, and happiness at the same time. Email me at janlovestoplay@gmail.com with RED 2025 in the subject line, and let’s chat.
  2. Click here to grab a copy of my best-selling book, The Play Book: How To Get In The Habit Of Good Health
  3. Want to work with me on your wellness goals? I help busy executives prioritize their health to reduce stress, get stronger, and feel more energetic. Click here to book a call.

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About the Author: Janet Omstead

To re-ignite people’s passion for play (movement) to fight chronic disease while improving their quality of life as they age.

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