How to be a joiner

How to be a joiner

How to be a joiner

By Published On: January 19th, 2024

My Dad’s been gone for ten years this year, yet his influence continues to impact me, and this week was no exception.

He instilled the value of community and social connections in me as I watched him engage in various groups, from being a member of golf and squash clubs to professional associations like CAFE or PROBUS, to church, his fraternity brothers from UofT, the YMCA, camp and even his seaplane flying and fishing group. 

So, it was normal for me to be a joiner as well. 

Group activities foster connections, promote teamwork, and create shared experiences, laying the foundation for a solid and supportive community.

Values make life and play meaningful. 

His values silently guide my actions and emotions.

While your values can change over time, understanding what you value deepens your understanding of what inspires you. 

They are an essential part of profound health and behaviour change. 

Watching “Join or Die,” the movie RED January and The Genwell project premiered at UofT, I felt like my Dad was sitting right there with me.

As Robert Putnam’s research and work have described, how people connect has shifted over time, but something like RED January gives me hope that people want to belong to something bigger than them.

It’s up to us to build community – to take a risk. In fact, because of my social network, the launch of RED January Canada has been so successful.

RED fosters community. 

It’s practical and relevant because social isolation and inactivity are two big problems facing Canadians today.

We’re more likely to join in when we see people having fun.

Being part of something bigger than ourselves makes the world a happier and healthier place.

And I’d be remiss not to mention my friend and super connector, Pete Bombaci. He’s helped build the RED community and inspires people to rise every day for their physical, mental and social well-being. 

Play on!

Your friend and coach,

xoxo Coach Jan

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