There is no doubt that life-altering events change our perspective and our sense of awareness that life is short.

It can take an unexpected medical diagnosis or the death of someone we love to shake us into realizing life doesn’t last.  

Throw a pandemic into the mix, and life’s fun and enjoyment go out the window.

For me, it’s when the paramedics pulled my youngest child out of the shattered window after our head-on collision in 2007 that I realized the fragility of life the most.

Miraculously, everything I loved and wanted to protect survived.  

That event still feels like it happened yesterday, but it cemented my sense of wonder, gratitude and play into my soul.

It’s why I’m on a mission to reignite people’s passion for play so that they can fight disease and improve their quality of life as they age.

Let’s face it. There are so many things going on in life that it’s easy to lose our natural sense of awe and enjoyment. 

As we grow older and our responsibilities in life change, seriousness can take over, and we lose sight of curiosity, wonder and playfulness.  

Often it’s not until we see a young child or even an animal in the act of fun and play do we realize that piece of us is missing.

Tapping into that sense of play is a crucial part of daily living and habits to keep a sense of fun so that when we make mistakes, we remember to smile (eventually) at things that frustrate us. 

Similarly, it remains crucial to tap into that childlike mindset when t making a change in our health or learning a new habit.

Life ends for everyone, whether you’ve been reminded of that lately or not. But, it’s how you approach living that matters the most.

Want to cultivate more play into your everyday life?  

Next time you are outside, why not find a rock to climb over or crawl under a bench? How about jumping up to touch a branch on a tree? 

What about playing on the swing in a playground?

Or, if it’s food, is there a different vegetable you’d like to try with dinner tonight?

What about making a game at bedtime of who can be in bed five minutes earlier than usual so that you can grab some extra sleep?

Remember, progress is better than perfection and may I remind you that you don’t HAVE to play; you GET to play!

Play on!

Coach Jan

P.S. Want to change your habits and have fun? 

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