If you Google “different types of coaching,” there are 182,000,000 results. There is a coach for almost anything you need help with – from personal through to career. It’s useful having an objective guide to help you make the most of what you envision for your future.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

For example, I am in the middle of working on our financial plan with my husband and a financial coach. Going through this exercise is helpful. We understand what is currently working and what milestones we need to reach to retire in the next decade. Hiring a financial coach to help with this work makes a lot of sense because she has a sound system in place to help guide us. While the process can be a bit tedious at times, I’m thrilled to have a clear picture of our future.

What kind of health are you prepared to plan for?

Much like you’d never fly a plane without a flight plan, or take a road trip without a map, your plan for health, today, tomorrow and beyond deserves your attention.

As a health coach, I help my clients discover what kinds of nutrition, exercise and stress management systems or habits they can put into place for optimal health as they age. What kind of health are you preparing for if you haven’t been paying attention to it?

Investing in your health gives you the ability to live your best life when you’re 70, 80, and beyond.  A 1% improvement daily compounds to an almost 40 times performance improvement in just 12 months. In other words, healthy habits are like compound interest for your health. Small consistent actions, over time, garner big results.

That is a plan worth investing in, wouldn’t you agree?

Looking for some help?

If you are looking for guidance on your plan, here’s a link to my FREE “7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge” coaching program.  Seven days full of excellent habit-based ideas to make your life awesome!
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