How to stop “night worrying”

How to stop "night worrying"

How to stop “night worrying”

By Published On: August 25th, 2023

As I fell asleep the other night, I realized that today, August 25th marks four months until Christmas Day!

What the heck!?

Ever notice that our brains love to surface our worries just as we fall asleep—or when we wake up to pee? 

Instead of enjoying a deep slumber, we start chewing on our anxieties without actually solving or effectively processing anything. 

But here’s something that I share with my clients that can help you, too:

The brain dump. 

It’s an easy ritual that can help you mentally let go of your worries by putting them on paper right before bed—and literally setting them aside for the night.  

You probably get the idea, but here’s what it might look like.

Simple, right? 

It can work well, but like many behaviour change habits, the biggest challenge is consistently getting yourself to do it.

Call it a 14-day challenge that takes just five minutes a night. 

Make sure you put a blank notebook or notepad beside your bed and a pen to write with!

That tiny time investment could save you a lot of tossing and turning while letting yourself get a great night’s sleep!

Of course, like anything, maybe it’ll work for you—and perhaps it won’t.

But there’s only one way to know for sure. Try it out, and let me know how it goes.

Play (and sleep) on!

Your friend and coach,

Janet xo

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