From hurt to hertz – the healing power of frequencies

The healing power of frequencies - Janet Omstead

From hurt to hertz – the healing power of frequencies

By Published On: June 17th, 2021

I’ve always been proactive about health, healing, and listening to my body.

It’s why I became a coach in the first place.

Last weekend, I was reminded of this commitment when I crashed on my bike into the sidewalk, fell and broke two ribs. 

Luckily my helmet, and the fact that I fell away from traffic, saved me from severe injury!

Getting hurt sucks! Trust me when I tell you that deep breathing is uncomfortable with broken ribs.  

Most people know me as the health coach that loves to play, but I know that pushing your body before it has adequately recovered is a big no-no. 

So, besides a daily (light) walk, I’m prioritizing rest and rehabilitation.

After 20 years in the health and wellness industry, it’s helpful to have built relationships with experts outside my scope of practice, including physiotherapists, massage therapists, active release therapists (ART), mental health experts, and naturopathic doctors.

So the first person I called to help me after getting injured was James Wardrop at No Boundaries Health Services

He has the expertise to treat my broken ribs with Frequency Specific Microcurrent (“FSM”).

I was first introduced to James and FSM when my son Jack needed to recover after dislocating his shoulder playing baseball. 

FSM is a technique used for treating pain by using a low-level electrical current.

The current is delivered to certain parts of the body with a unique device that provides the frequencies.

The science behind the various frequencies helps to exponentially decrease the time it takes to heal fractures, reduce inflammation, repair tissue, and reduce pain. 

Major sports teams use FSM, and it’s available for us mortals as well. 😝

According to James, FSM “has been shown to increase ATP production inside the cells by 500x, increasing the healing of the affected tissue.”  

The opportune window for receiving FSM after an injury is the first four hours, but of course, that’s not always possible, so I made it here within the first 24 hours.

Each treatment lasts 45 minutes, and the procedure is super relaxing.  

At the same time, I also utilized the powerful effects of healing music frequencies to calm my mind and help me breathe more deeply during treatments.  

People have used sound frequency for years because of its healing effects on the body. 

There are nine healing frequencies, or “hertz” tones, called Solfeggio, which are:

174Hz – Helps in pain & stress relief 

285Hz – Rapid tissue regeneration and quick healing 

396Hz – Letting go of guilt, fear, and balancing the root chakra 

417Hz – Wipes out all the negative energy 

528Hz – Brings positive transformation and builds core strength 

639Hz – Frequency of love and all things related to heart 

741Hz – Helps in detoxifying the body and promotes self-expression 

852Hz – Frequency of the third eye chakra (awakens intuition) 

963Hz – Pineal gland activator + aura cleansing

There is a very detailed article HERE if you want to learn more.

From hurt to hertz, there is healing power in frequencies.

For pain and healing, I’m using 174Hz. There are some great “healing frequency” playlists on YouTube and Spotify if you are curious.  

It’s a beautiful way to meditate and heal at the same time.

So, while I won’t be playing anything strenuous these days like running, golf, or lifting weights, I will be playing with my hertz frequencies, tones and deep breathing techniques to heal the way my body needs to.

Play on, my friends – and wear a helmet!

Your friend and coach,



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