Interview for the Perimenopausal Athletes & Beyond Summit

Interview for the Perimenopausal Athletes & Beyond Summit

By Published On: May 27th, 2022

Do you want to play and thrive in life and sports for the long term?

The “Perimenopausal Athletes and Beyond” virtual series for female athletes and active women 35+ included 20 world-class speakers (including yours truly!)

WATCH HERE – Perimenopausal Athletes & Beyond – Interview with Tenille Hoogland of Element Sports Coaching

In perimenopause, our body is changing. After menopause, it has changed.

My friend Tenille Hoogland is on a mission to provide expert information rooted in science so female athletes in perimenopause and beyond can play and thrive in sports long-term.

She is known for asking “What’s the Point?” as coaches and athletes distill information from the health, nutrition and sports performance fields.

This series will shift your perspective on how to train, nourish and fuel your body for health, performance and perhaps most important for many, longevity.

Get ready to lift your body, mind, and spirit to take deliberate action where you are at so you can train smart, fuel well, and recover.

Why not can kick ass in life and on and off the playing field?

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