My birthday wish

My birthday wish

By Published On: January 24th, 2022

You may or may not know that in November of 2021, my husband Shawn was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Our kids and I felt scared, confused and helpless. 

Just like that, life as we planned it changed.  It felt like a punch to the gut. 

It reminds me of that saying, “We plan, God, laughs.” No matter how hard we plan, we can’t control everything.

Starting cancer treatment before Christmas managing emotions and infections’ ups and downs felt like dodging landmines on a battlefield.

Our family and friends bolted into action, all asking the same question: What CAN we do?

There is not a lot anyone can do, to be honest.  But there may be ONE thing:)  

While I am in the passenger seat for this ride, Shawn will win this fight; I have no doubt.  

Before his diagnosis, Shawn, like many people I know, manages a lot in life.  Responsibilities like job, finances, family and friends keep our minds full and busy.  Living in the moment was a challenge.  

This journey is changing all of that.  Shawn understands now, more than ever, how crucial living in the moment is, rather than imagining the “what if’s.”

He’s adopted a mantra that he repeats every day:  Be here now.

So I decided to do something positive for him.  

I reached out to our good friend Peter Neal, from Neal Brothers Foods, who connected me with the founder of Shine The Light On, Eli Brown, and together we designed a shirt.  

Today (January 24th) is my birthday, and I wish this year that even when we feel helpless, we can all silently cheer Shawn on even when he feels his lowest and be here now for him.

All the proceeds from the sale of this shirt will go to The Canadian Leukemia Society.  

It will only be available to purchase until February 1st.  

To order, send me an email at janlovestoplay@gmail.com and thank you for the love and support.  I am grateful.

Play on! 


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