How to find the time for PLAY (exercise) when you think you can’t!

When you think of a PLAYlist, what comes to mind? Music, right?

Listening to music while you are working out prevents boredom; it also helps to increase your play’s intensity naturally. You can read more details here.

I love to dance, especially when my favourite songs are playing! 

Only have five minutes? That’s OK. Start with five, and if you love it, I guarantee you will want to dance more. 

If you can’t think of songs, well, here’s a cool thing. Take the guesswork out of it – Spotify has a PLAYlist called 5 Minute Long Songs!

Here is a fun fact: the average song is 3-5 minutes long! Coldplay’s song, Adventure of a Lifetime,” is 4:45 seconds long. 

String four 5-minute songs together, and there’s your 20-minute movement threshold! 

Or, one song at a time, four times throughout the day as a break – you get the idea!

The world is full of musical motivation to help inspire you to sweat a little and smile a lot. 

What’s on YOUR playlist this weekend?

Your friend and coach,  Jan xox


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