Skipping down the sidewalk

Skipping down the sidewalk

Skipping down the sidewalk

By Published On: March 22nd, 2024

The other afternoon, the local public school was leaving for the day when I was walking my dog Cooper (okay, slow walking; he’s 13).

It was like a jailbreak – kids were busting out the doors to meet their parents.

Soon, I came alongside a couple of the kids playing tag and skipping down the sidewalk together as their parents played along. 

Coop and I had to jump out of the way to let them race by. 

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe just how simple play is.

I don’t mean how simple it is to practice.

I mean the idea of it, the basis of it.

The idea of spontaneous play is allowing the body to move its way when it wants to. We do this so often as kids, and we can repeat it as often as we want. 

As we age, however, we start to think that exercise is complicated, difficult or painful to be effective, and certainly not playful.

What if we gave ourselves permission for a different approach? 

As I mentioned last week, the heart of play is allowing movement to come and go (with the “flow”).

If we can keep that alive and return to it repeatedly, then in time, we will find that place of freedom in our movement practice.


Begin to tap into your energy when it’s highest for you, allowing play without distraction. 

Physical activity is crucial for maintaining our health. It flushes out toxins from our bodies and keeps it working properly.

Of course, you don’t think about that when you are skipping down the sidewalk. 

All you do is enjoy the moment.

Play on, my friends,

Coach Jan xox

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