Someday things are going to be okay again

Someday things are going to be okay again

By Published On: March 27th, 2020

Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, our daily routines and habits have turned upside down. Many people are struggling to adjust to this temporary state of life. 

I do believe, though, that someday things are going to be okay again.  

As everyday life with the pandemic becomes more real every day, I’ve had a couple of realizations that I thought might be helpful to share with you.  

#1. This pandemic WILL end at some point.  

Yes, things suck right now globally on such an unimaginable scale, and they are getting worse before they get better. 

​​There is not a person alive that doesn’t believe that this will end at some point. When? 

Well, I don’t have a crystal ball, but inevitably, life will go on, and it might look a lot different, or it will settle back to being the same.  

You have a choice in the outcome by doing your part to protect yourself from infection and the health of the ones you love too. 

#2. The Human Spirit is STRONG.  

No one on this planet is focusing on much else right now other than this health crisis. The necessary shutdowns to everyday life as we know it, to help save lives, is happening around the world. 

I’m not saying it hasn’t hurt to change our daily routines, but honestly, this is where short term pain means long term gain.  

There is an inordinate amount of people giving their time (on the front lines) and expertise (digitally) to keep people informed. Many experts are giving their information away for free to help one another.  

We are all in this together.

#3. Now is the moment to LIVE.

So many of the clients I’ve worked with never feel they have “time,” or they wish they could press the “pause” button in life to take better care of themselves. Well, now is your chance to take your health into your own hands.  


By re-evaluating what matters to you and how you will manage your life when this is all said and done. There is nothing wrong with thinking about your future.

What could your approach to your life look like after this crisis?  

When you can’t feel in control of life, you do realize that health is the ONLY thing that truly matters.  

Ultimately there will be good things that come from this difficult time. 

I hope that you are staying safe and healthy, and if you need anything, please know I’m always happy to help where I can.

Keep well, and play on!

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