The Play Book

Play like a kid again, for life

If you’re looking to get more active as you age,
The Play Book is for you


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“Janet Omstead is the embodiment of fun and play. And in “The Play Book”, she infuses her contagious joy to make getting and staying fit and healthy fun. 

In a world where so many plans promote “no pain, no gain”, Janet’s approach to being fit and well is refreshing and sustainable. 

This is a must read for anyone who values their health and wants to live a long and healthy life without punishing their body in the process.”

Yuri Elkaim,
NYT bestselling author, The All-Day Energy Diet
CEO, Healthpreneur

About The Play Book

Just press play! After almost two decades of encouraging her clients to embrace exercise as play, health coach Janet Omstead has written a practical, back-to-basics guide that will inspire you to:

  • Move your body in a way that makes sense to you
  • Gain more energy, joy, and fun

  • Improve your quality of life as you age

  • Become more functional

  • Take back control of your health

  • Go from sedentary to superstar one day at a time

  • Stop feeling guilty about not using your gym membership
  • Eliminate excuses and put a system in place so you can live an active lifestyle forever
  • Find your tribe and thrive versus survive
  • Carve out time to play even when life gets in the way

Along with motivating interviews with the best experts in the fields of health and behaviour, Janet provides easy-to-follow techniques and personal assessments to help you discover what type of play makes you happy and feel truly alive.

It’s never too late to start playing again!

The Play Book clearly presents the case for all adults to return to a state of childhood play — not only because it is good for you but because it is FUN, dammit. The same could be said for The Play Book itself: Omstead’s play manifesto is a “tool book” full of useful tips and resources that are good for you in a format that is fun and fast paced. So get off your butt and read this book … or better yet, put the book down and get out and play (but make a plan to read the book later).

Brian Shelley, YMCA Vice President, Crossfit Enthusiast, Full-time playmate/dad to two growing boys

In The Play Book, Janet provides a compelling alternative to the notion of dreaded workouts and boring gym time as the only way to achieve long-term health and vitality. Starting with just five minutes a day, Janet demonstrates how easy it can be to add a little fun and variety to our daily routines to help keep us physically—and mentally—healthy.

Peter Neal, Co-founder of Neal Brothers Foods and Co-author of Goodness: Recipes & Stories

The hardest part of any new job or task is starting it. Janet has delivered a simple yet impactful, inspiring yet relatable game plan for starting the job of looking after the person that matters most: you! By putting everyday life and play in a new context, she enables the reader with a roadmap to get started and to keep on making healthy choices and living a more rewarding life. This simple, easy-to-read perspective is a must for all those looking for that nudge to get started … and to get on with life through play.

David Kincaid, Founder, Managing Partner, LEVEL5 Strategy Inc.

I loved The Play Book! It is sound, practical advice that not only lays out the benefits of exercise but guides each individual through a refreshing perspective on physical well-being. For the beginner or the elite athlete, the bottom line is exercise equals joy, and Janet finds a way to deliver an intricate concept in an engaging and concise manner.

Tracy Wilson, Olympic Bronze Medalist, 3x World Medalist. CTV/TSN, NBC Universal skating analyst. Coach of Olympic and World Champions

To know Janet Omstead is to know someone who appreciates living … and living life to the fullest. Janet has always brought enthusiasm and common sense to day-to-day life. This book reflects her approach to making the challenges of life fun, energetic, and worthwhile. To read Janet Omstead is to get a brief glimpse into what makes her tick, and help make us all live life to the fullest. Reading The Play Book will put a smile on your face, a sparkle in your eyes, and a spring in your step and will challenge you to want to feel better. After all, beginning with a healthy, open mind is surely a great start to a healthy life. Play on!

John Shannon, Broadcaster

Janet Omstead captures the very essence of creating an active and healthy lifestyle that fosters improved well-being to ultimately increase confidence as well as joy in who we are and the journey we are on. This is a great read to get you fired up with easy-to-implement strategies for improved health and a positive mindset.

Paula Morand, Bestselling Author and Professional Speaker

Several years ago Janet wrote an article for a parenting magazine I was editing about using playgrounds as a workout opportunity. Now I’m seeing playgrounds being purpose built for workouts — two in my neighbourhood! Janet was ahead of her time then just as she is now with The Play Book. Reframing exercise or working out as play is genius. 

The book is playful too — fun illustrations, clever acronyms, thoughtful pull-quotes and engaging interviews with experts combine with Janet’s breezy writing to make for an enjoyable read. I can’t stop thinking about my bare-ass minimum and how much sitting I do in a day. Janet provides some really easy tools to get started and I look forward to putting them to use. Really, like, today.

Janice Beihn, Communications Co-ordinator for The Primate's World Relief and Development Fund