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I understand what it feels like to want to make a lasting positive change. It can be exhausting to find a sustainable way to manage your health. Discover simple, fun, easier ways to take back control of your health, as you age…without dieting, medication or going to the gym.

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When I first saw Janet’s post that she had a program for busy women wanting to make a lasting change to their health, I knew this was something I needed to do. The Play for Life System is designed to get you to be more active and form healthy habits. It’s not gym-based, it’s not boot camp, there are no weigh-ins. It’s about reframing exercise as fun!  I know now I won’t go back to the way I was before.


The Play for Life System truly has changed my lifestyle and habits which ultimately will help prolong my physical and mental health. Janet has created a unique approach which is organized, informative, realistic and can be adapted into your everyday life without it being too overwhelming. The biggest success to me is realizing there is no wrong and every effort I make is a step in the right direction.  Janet reminds us every day to have fun at whatever play or movement you do.


Participating in The Play for Life System was a really great experience.  The program Janet has developed, including the support of the group along with Janet’s coaching encouraged and drew focus in realistic increments to inspire meaningful changes towards sustainable healthy living.  That is in my estimation is priceless!


From the moment I first met you I have loved your energy, your infectious attitude, your positiveness, your no-nonsense approach, and your love of life. You have made me run, jump, laugh, stretch (both physically and mentally) and I feel younger being with you.


If  you are looking for a perfect way to get in to a new routine, The Play for Life System is it!  Built from the realistic approach, Janet teaches and supports you through each of the 12 weeks. It was definitely an eye-opener and the kickstarter I needed for the importance of staying active, maintaining functional activities and having a healthy mindset to set me up well as I begin to age! And during the pandemic, the program helped me to be creative to stay active while being confined to a small space without the ability to go outside! 


I dropped almost 10 pounds of excess body following The Play for Life System.  It takes away the argument in my head about doing or not doing. It has made moving a priority…that has nothing to do with dieting, deprivation and insane workouts…all during a pandemic too!


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