The play you need this mothers day

The Play You Need This Mother's Day

The play you need this mothers day

By Published On: May 14th, 2023

Imagine this. 

Your phone buzzes feverishly. It’s your friend, and she has a question about a playdate.

This time, it’s not to coordinate your daughter or son’s schedule with her kids.

Nope, she wants to play with you!

As moms all over the country come to expect their typical Mother’s Day gifts: homemade cards with drawings you can’t decipher, chocolates that will eventually go stale, and mall booth jewelry that will sit unworn, there is one thing they want time away from the grind of the household.

So why not play with your mom-friends (the human-kind and those with fur babies, too) on Mother’s Day instead?  

After all, if loneliness is a health crisis, playing with your friends can be one enjoyable way to combat it. 

Playing together, such as during a workout or a sports game, can build a deep bond between individuals for several reasons:

  1. When individuals go through an experience together, such as a fun workout or game, they form a bond based on a shared experience. This shared experience creates a sense of camaraderie and can lead to feelings of closeness and connection, a powerful combination, especially since May is Mental Health Awareness Month.
  2. Playing together can also increase trust between individuals because you may feel vulnerable and exposed when you push yourself physically. By working through this vulnerability together, you may develop greater confidence in one another.
  3. Play also releases endorphins, hormones that can produce happiness and euphoria. When individuals play together, they experience these positive emotions, creating a sense of connection and bonding.
  4. When people play together, they can provide positive reinforcement and support for one another. This encouragement can help you push through challenging moments and achieve your goals, creating a sense of shared accomplishment and strengthening your bond.

Need some ideas on activities incorporating fun movement?

  • A walk in the park 
  • A group class 
  • Reliving a childhood activity like biking or basketball
  • Or take a page from my book where I’ve listed 150 ways to move more

The idea is to share an activity without the kids or household responsibilities so that moms can relax their minds and have a little fun. 

The only ask is that they get time away to move their bodies and escape reality.

So to all the fantastic moms near and far, why not arrange a play date with your favourite Mom or two…or three or four! I’ll be running the Sporting Life 10K with a few of mine (including my daughter!).

Play on, and Happy Mother’s Day!

Your coach and friend,

xox Jan

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