Unlocking Awareness: 5 Tips To Improve Your Health Habits

Unlocking Awareness: 5 Tips To Improve Your Health Habits

Unlocking Awareness: 5 Tips To Improve Your Health Habits

By Published On: April 19th, 2024
I was on the highway earlier this week and quickly noticed how driving in a big city sometimes feels like being in a Formula One race.
Drivers speeding past, paying little attention to anyone in their way and making sure cutting you off is a priority.
It’s scary, not to mention dangerous!

Do you remember getting your driver’s licence?

You were very aware of every sign on the road, especially of other drivers. And how terrifying did parallel parking feel?
Whether driving a car, walking down the street, or eating food, most people need to pay more attention to their actions.

It reminds me a lot of changing behaviours.

Often, people aren’t aware of the adverse effects of specific daily actions until they start paying attention to the change they want to make.

Here are 5 tips to unlock awareness:

1. The simple act of eating. How often do we rush through meals, barely tasting our food? By slowing down, savouring each bite, and fully appreciating the flavours, we can reduce overeating, aid digestion, and truly enjoy our meals. (You can find more about this in my March 2023 blog, ‘The Simplest Way To Eat Better,’ and all about slow eating HERE.)

2. Reducing Stress: Slowing down simple activities like walking or breathing exercises can help reduce stress levels. Focusing on the present moment can alleviate anxiety and promote a sense of calmness.

3. Exercising: When you deliberately slow down and pay attention to the mind/muscle connection, which is the ability to focus your mind on the muscle you’re working, rather than speeding through a workout, you will feel every rep recruiting specific muscles.

4. Sleep quality: Establishing a bedtime routine with calming activities such as reading a book, listening to soothing music, or practicing gentle stretching can signal your body that it’s time to unwind and prepare for sleep. Slowing down before bed can help improve sleep quality and promote relaxation.

5. Improving Relationships: Taking the time to truly listen and connect with others can strengthen relationships and foster a sense of empathy and understanding. By slowing down and being fully present in conversations, you can deepen your connections with others and build stronger bonds.

Slowing down simple habits allows you to tune into your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations. 

This increased self-awareness can help you identify and address negative thought patterns or behaviours, leading to personal growth and development.

Remember, there’s no sudden moment of awareness in our day—it’s a practice. 

This means that becoming more mindful is not about achieving a specific moment of clarity, but rather a continuous effort to be present and attentive in our daily lives. 

And, like any practice, it takes time, effort and consistent action.  

Awareness is truly where the magic lies when we want to make a change.

Slow down and enjoy the ride!

Play on!

Your friend and coach,

Jan xo

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