What if you couldn’t fail?

What if you couldn’t fail?

By Published On: May 29th, 2020

The topic of failure has come up a lot for me this week, both in conversations at home and with clients.

Which got me thinking. Has there been a time in your life (as recently as yesterday or even a few years ago) that you were all-in to start a “good” habit or change a “bad” one?

Making sustainable changes to your health habits can be challenging, especially in the midst of a global health crisis, when stress and uncertainty levels are at an all-time high.

Life has thrown us all quite a curveball.

Like most people, you start with the best of intentions and maybe a couple of days into making a change, with a rigid protocol, those changes don’t last.

So, what happens?

Have you ever uttered the words  “fallen off the wagon?” Ultimately this type of mindset does more damage to your long term health.

That sucks.

Fear of failure is real, but you can get off the all-or-nothing mindset even during a pandemic. How?

Many people won’t even consider trying to change because of fear, shame or embarrassment.

Clients I work with feel as though they have messed up or failed when they have a “bad” food or didn’t do a “work out” simply because they think “my coach would never fail.”

Ummm, yes, I would! I fail A LOT.

The difference is that I’ve learned that failure is feedback. That’s all. It doesn’t mean I throw in the towel and wallow in self-judgement.

Have you ever thought how fear might be holding you back from the greatness that you are?

Sometimes the things we fear doing are most often the things we need to do.

What if your brain might be playing mind games with you? Maybe it’s time to stop the negative internal dialogue.

What about finding your superpowers?

We all have superpowers. In my book The Play Book: How To Get In The Habit Of Good Health, I discuss the idea of facing your fears by understanding your limiting beliefs on the one hand and knowing your superpowers on the other.

I even created downloadable PDFs on my website (CLICK HERE) to help you figure out what’s preventing you from taking that crucial first step toward better health.

Examine the story you’re telling yourself about your health.

Being able to address the foundations first and foremost: making better selections of food at daily meals or staying physically active (play) in whatever way works for you, or taking some much needed deep breaths to manage stress is the best place to start.

Why not take action now and make a list of your superpowers today?

The opposite of fear and self-doubt are confidence and clarity.

Your health decisions need to be motivated by positivity, not fear.

Try to take small daily steps towards the behaviours you can stick to, even though it might be challenging.

It is worth trying even if you fail.

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